Connie Hanks Photography // // Little Girls wearing Mama's shoes, dress up, toes, growing up

Juxtaposition // Bubbly Toes {Photo Challenge}

Connie Hanks Photography // // Little Girls wearing Mama's shoes, dress up, toes, growing up

I was a bit stumped with The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Juxtaposition. I could see ideas in my mind, but nothing was coming together yesterday. Then, I realized these shots I captured earlier this month fit the bill perfectly! The shots were inspired from the Capture Your 365 prompt “Where You Stand” – love Katrina’s daily prompts!

When I was pregnant, I prayed and prayed for girls, and I was blessed with answered prayers. My girls are now 7 and 4 years old, and have always loved playing dress up, and ocassionally putting on my shoes and walking around the house. Those shoes have usually been my sneaks, UGGs, or flip flops – life of a stay-at-home-mama. But my 7 year old recently eyed my neatly-organized, rarely-used boxes and boxes of heels and has been obsessed wearing them around the house as much as possible! And of course whatever big sister does, little sister has to do too!

Connie Hanks Photography // // Little Girls wearing Mama's shoes, dress up, toes, growing upThis is such a concrete reminder of how fast they’re growing and that even though my prayers for baby girls were answered, those babies will grow up to be big girls one day. The juxtaposition of their bubbly baby toes in my big girl heals just reminds me how much they’ve grown, how little they still are, and where we’re headed. For now, I’ll just have to enjoy the sweet little girl moments as much as possible!

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As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a joyful, creative, blessing filled day!
Live creatively!

PS. Did you follow yesterday’s LOAD blog hop? There’s still time to sign up for this amazing challenge! Without a doubt, I’ll be creating a layout featuring these photos and story : )


21 thoughts on “Juxtaposition // Bubbly Toes {Photo Challenge}

  1. viveka says:

    Perfect – just perfect …. I remember so well when I was in my mom’s and aunt’s shoes … so exciting. The thing is when we become a bit older … we put our feet into too small shoes. *smile


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