Pinterest Inspiration in Action {Feeling Crafty} // graduation cap candies with step-by-step instructions // graduation cap candies with step-by-step instructions

Back in high school (waaaaay back in the late ’80’s) I would clip magazine ads I liked and glue them to a poster board. It may have been the fashion, or the hair, or the destination, or the words. Whatever it was, it was inspiration. In the ’90’s, I had a notebook I would tape magazine or catalog clippings into. I included wedding ideas, travel destinations, home design and decor. Again, inspiration. Today we have the internet, and more specifically, Pinterest to corral all those beautiful finds!

Do you use Pinterest? I love checking it out for inspiration and ideas in a variety of areas: crafts, recipes, party planning, photography posing, photo angles / POV, clothing ideas for clients, and loads more!

I’ve been wanting to share these ideas with you since last summer… crazy how fast time flies! Over the last year, I used these inspirational finds to create goodies: 1. treats for my kindergartener’s last day of school and for my pre-schoolers graduation, too; 2. invites for my sister’s baby shower; and 3. a card for my sister’s baby shower. I love how all three projects came out… what do you think? Take a look below and let me know in the comments!


I was a bit short on time (as usual!) so the graduation caps I made last year are a far cry from what they could’ve been, but the kids gobbled them up and loved them nonetheless. The caps made this year had a little more TLC as I allocated a little more time to make them. // graduation cap candies with step-by-step instructions

Graduation Cap Candies

They’re pretty simple to make. You’ll need:

  • Lollipop sticks
  • Reese’s PB cups miniatures
  • Ghiradelli chocolate squares
  • M&Ms or Skittles
  • Twizzlers or sour string type candy for tassel
  • Wilton melting chocolates
  • Florist foam (Michael’s or Vons florist sells them too!)
  1. Cool Reeses’s cups in fridge before removing wrapping (cleaner/less chocolate sticking to wrapper)
  2. Let cups come to room temp then place lollipop sticks in center of top/wider section
  3. Melt Wilton chocolates.
  4. Add dab of melted chocolate to center of flat side of Ghiradelli chocolate square, add tassel and M&M
  5. Add thin layer of melted chocolate on bottom of PB cup and stick to Ghiradelli square.
  6. Graduation caps are ready for festivities!

I get florist foam at Vons, size it to a glass bread pan, cover foam with colorful gift tissue and stick it in the pan. Voila!

Baby Shower Invites and Decor

The invites were so much fun to make last summer. I can’t believe my nephew is turning one so soon! He is such a sweetheart and absolute cutie pie! We went with the ever trendy and popular mustaches for the theme. Cute, right?! // mustache baby shower invitations using stencils, distress ink, embossing, stamping and more! // mustache baby shower invitations using stencils, distress ink, embossing, stamping and more! // mustache baby shower invitations using stencils, distress ink, embossing, stamping and more! // mustache baby shower treats and decorations // mustache baby shower treats and decorations // mustache baby shower treats and decorations // mustache baby shower treats and decorations

Baby Shower Card

As mentioned, I’ve been wanting to blog about these Pinterest inspired items for so long…  I actually already blogged about this card! Check it out HERE. // Sweet Blessing baby boy shower card with onesies on a clothesline

Have you found any internet or Pinterest inspiration lately that you’ve put in action? I’d love to see it! If you’d like to check out my Pinterest boards, check them out here. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on photography inspiration I found on Pinterest and how I use it before heading out to photo sessions with clients!

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Live creatively!

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7 responses to “Pinterest Inspiration in Action {Feeling Crafty}”

  1. Connie, I love this! All of the sweet things for your sisters shower was amazing! Pinterest is awesome for that! Last year I made my daughters teachers gift came from a Pinterest inspiration. Great job!


    • Thanks SimplySage! Years ago, in my corporate life, I was an event manager, so I think it’s just in my DNA 🙂 Outside of teaching crafting, I just do these types of projects for friends and family, but the thought has definitely crossed my mind to sell on Etsy! Thanks for your sweet comment 😉


      • Well, you are over-the-top talented for sure. I’m in the medical field so my blogging/photography time is so limited. But I could sure see myself having all that creative fun! Keep it up. 🙂


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