10 on 10 – August // Summer Living

I’m so happy to be sharing another 10 on 10 post! It’s been a few months since I’ve been able to play along, so I’m highlighting some of my favorite photos from June and July – get ready for an onslaught of images!

We’ve been living and loving all that Southern California has to offer! Quite a bit has happened the past couple few months – everything from first communion to beach time, cousin play dates to zoo visits, and everything in between! Here we go…

We celebrated my big girl’s first communion in the Catholic Church. What a beautiful spiritual passage for my sweet girl! And luckily, she was able to enjoy this lovely step in our faith with some of her closest friends!

Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // First Communion poses Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // First Communion poses Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // First Communion poses Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // First Communion poses


Visiting the zoo with friends and cousins is always great fun! The zoo membership is a great value and we love being able to visit different zones every time!

2015-07-17_8531_August 2015-07-17_8527_August 2015-06-24_7852_August


And it wouldn’t be summer without some beach photos! Besides family and friend beach outings, my girls enjoyed a fantastic week of water sports camp – kayaks, catamaran, sailing and paddle boarding – they loved it all and already want to go back!

2015-06-29_8270_August 2015-06-29_8310_August 2015-06-29_8340_August 2015-07-31_8896_August 2015-07-31_8958_AugustAn annual summer tradition is enjoying the fair with some of our best friends! Food, rides and carnival games… expensive, but totally worth it! We were actually rained on – more like poured on for a while! But we still had a fabulous time!

Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // San Diego fair 2015Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // San Diego fair 2015 Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // San Diego fair 2015 Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // San Diego fair 2015


My girls just adore their little cousin and we love spending time together! Whether they’re blowing bubbles, in the pool, at the zoo, relaxing, playing, or cuddling, it’s the best!

2015-06-21_7768_August 2015-06-23_7788_August 2015-06-07_3872_August

On one of our beach outings in Mexico, I grabbed these shots, knowing I’d want to eventually make stickers for my planner! What do you think? Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // Sea Shell, quote, Shell Yeah! bokeh, pacific, ocean, beach, Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // Sea Star, Starfish, quote, let your inner star sparkle, bokeh, pacific, ocean, beach,

I’ll be sharing another Planner post soon, but in the meantime, here’s a little peek of a few of the stickers I’ve been busy adding to the Clicky Chick Creates Etsy shop! By the way, have you been keeping up with my YouTube channel? I’ve been posting a Plan With Me video at least once a month. Be sure to check it out if you’re a planner girl! Oh, and be sure to save September 19th for a day of online planner bliss: True Scrap PLANNERLOVE! It’s the first of it’s kind and I’ll be teaching! I would love to see you there!

FullSizeRender image1 image2

10on10logo3x3Well, I hope you enjoyed our summer recap! One month left before school starts, hopefully we’ll get quite a few more memorable outings in before we’re back to the grind! Be sure to head on over to the lovely Kathleen Ries to see how her summer is coming along! Being a part of this photo circle is truly a blessing – these girls are all extremely inspiring with their beautiful and heartfelt images!

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Wishing you all a lovely Mother’s Day! May your day be filled with love and beauty!

Live creatively!

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12 responses to “10 on 10 – August // Summer Living”

  1. Great post. I love how you captured all the joys of summer with your family. Looks like it was a great one.


  2. I love your blog. You’re amazing at what you do.
    I have recently just discovered the Plan with Me Planner videos all over YouTube, I will definitely make sure to follow your channel as well as your blog.

    I also created a blog a couple weeks ago..it is about my life and journey living with lupus. I would love it if you would check it out and pass it along. 🙂 I will do the same with yours.



  3. Looks like you’ve had a busy and fun-filled summer. The first communion photos of your daughter are precious and love the colorful photos taken at the fair!


  4. You have such great shots of your girls! They are lovely and so happy. I would like to be adopted by your family 🙂 It’s wonderful to have you back in the 10 on 10 circle, I missed you!


  5. Happy and colorful images Connie, you all had a great summer! Can’t believe it’s almost over and kids are back to school next week. Love the silhouette and the stickers ideas!


  6. This post made me smile and I could almost feel the summer breeze on my cheek, thank you so much ❤
    You are really great at portraying children, really stunning.
    I can't wait to get hold of a planner for ´16 and go ahead with it, you make it look so easy and so much fun. I love the inner star idea 😉

    Love, Trini


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