Altered Spinner {Feeling Crafty} // standard Ranger craft spinner altered to hold foam pads that go on blending tools


I can’t remember the last project I worked on where I didn’t use ink and a blending tool?! A few months back I found the Ranger Inkssentials Craft Spinner on sale and decided to buy it. I’ve loved having it easily handy on my desk and not stumbling through my drawers to grab the right blending tool. Don’t throw me a pity party or anything, but sometimes it’s a drag to find the right foam pad  – they get buried deep in the drawer holding all my inks. See the photo right behind this post? Those are my inks, plus about 10 more I’ve bought since this photo – yeah, I know, I have an ink addiction, but it’s mostly Tim Holtz and I have absolutely zero tattoos : )

When I’m working on a project, I usually use 3 to 5 colors. Sometimes I’m going into a different color family than the foams I have on the ink blending tools. I was looking at the spinner and realized Ranger should’ve added a basket up top to hold the extra pads. And that’s how I came up with the idea to add the pail…


My girls have a ton of these pails (from Target $1 bins) that we’ve used for birthday party goodie bags, art supplies, toys, etc. I grabbed an extra one that had just gone into the donate bin and decided I’d try to make it work. A hammer, a nail and screw driver was all it took! I hammered the nail into the bottom of the pail, then used a screwdriver shaft to make the opening a bit wider. I used the back of the screwdriver to smooth out the edges and added washi tape on both sides to cover the edges. It took all of about 5 minutes to grab the supplies and make the hole. Now I have the different colored foam pads right on top of the blending tools. Love it!

What crafting alterations have you made in order to streamline your creative process? Please share! I love hearing how other people come up with solutions and always find them inspiring!

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Live creatively!

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