Hey there, old friend!

It’s been a long time since I posted – no excuses, just life has been, well, life – you know, the same pandemic we’ve all been surviving the past year and a half! And like many, my anxieties kicked in, and for some reason, especially social media anxiety. It felt like I completely turned inward and shy, but I’m ready to get past it. I’ve missed engaging and interacting! So, with that said, I’m taking baby steps by posting on instagram @connie_hanks_photography – I would be honored and thrilled if you followed me over there, and you might even make this girl blush a bit by liking some of my images!

I’ll be sharing photos – mostly family and newborn photography – my true passions! And my fall photo calendar will be live soon, so be sure to follow me @connie_hanks_photography so you don’t miss your chance to book your fall session!

Sending lots of love and light to you and yours!

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