Easter Goodness! {Feeling Crafty}

As I sit in my office/craft room editing photos from the last two weeks, I realize there were a couple of Easter activities I wanted to share… It might be late for this year, but it’s never to early to plan for next year! Feel free to Pin or share these ideas so you don’t forget : )

My girls and I love crafting. They’re only 6 and almost 4, but whether it’s scrapbooking, painting, beading, coloring, baking – whatever it is, they just love being creative! So when I found this great Pinterest idea to use crayons on warm eggs, I thought it’d be perfect activity to do with my girls when their best friend was coming over for a sleepover. It really was a hit!

The girls had fun coloring on the eggs and I should’ve probably let them cool just a bit more, but the crayons really melted onto the shells! On the egg on the right, my baby took three crayons (blue, brown and purple) and as she was holding them all together, she scribble-scrabbled on the egg, creating a beautiful watercolor effect.

To get a deeper color, I colored a few layers of the crayon onto the egg. I look forward to doing this again next year!

Another one of our new loves is using Wilton candy molds, particularly the pretzel candy molds and some candy melts. The combination of sweet and salty is delicious!

Wilton Hoppy Easter candy pretzel molds

They’re fairly easy to use and the chocolate sets up pretty quickly. I usually find the molds and candy melts at Michaels or Joann’s and they always have sales on them. Now if they only sold the pretzel rods, too, that would save me an extra trip to the grocery store!

Wilton Hoppy Easter candy pretzel molds

Thanks for stopping by and have a joyful, creative, blessing filled day!
Live creatively!

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