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I recently came across a forum discussion at about cameras people have had over the years. It was a fun discussion and really made me realize how long I’ve loved photography! I got my first camera when I was about eleven or twelve years old. It was a Kodak Disc Camera, waaaaay back in the early 80’s. Remember that camera?

Photo courtesy of D. Meyer via Wikipedia

Now that I look at it, size wise, it really was the predecessor to today’s point and shoot cameras!

I’ve loved taking photos as long as I can remember. It was always a hobby. Photographing family and friends, landscapes, objects, wildlife, flowers, everything and anything. Learning about photography was mostly through magazines, ads, marketing collateral, and of course, my favorites – Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn catalogs! I took a B&W developing class in the late ’90’s and loved the darkroom process. Over the years new cameras came and went – broke, lost, stolen, replaced – clearly for a myriad of reasons and ultimately, I received my first DSLR as a “Push Gift”

What exactly is a push gift? Yeah, we can all thank my very good friend Jennifer P. for that one! Our first borns are just 9 months apart, so as my tummy was growing, so was her newborn. One day we were chatting and I was suddenly blinded by some amazing, flashing sparkles coming from her ears. Yes, her hubby bought her the biggest, blingiest, most perfect diamond earrings I had laid my eyes on in person : ) That’s when I learned of the beauty of a push gift! And thus, when I explained the good fortune of a push gift to my hubby, I pointed out that a DSLR would probably cost less and get more use than the bling : ) I say my wish for a nice, big camera came true – he says he got swindled!

But my first few photos with my new Canon Rebel XTi were not what I thought they’d be. Blurry. Dark. Grainy. I realized I had the tool, I had the eye, but I was clearly lacking the technical knowledge. So I took my first photography class to learn to use my DSLR at SDSU Extended Studies. It was a great class and over three weeks I learned how to shoot in manual mode. Ever since then I’ve devoured every bit of knowledge I could find and taken every photography course I could find in the San Diego area! I’m currently finishing my Certification in Photography through UCSD Extension. It’s been a great program, with excellent instructors, fabulous classes, learning tons and developing my own style.

With that said, I am launching a series called “Photo Fridays” in which I will share bits of my knowledge with you! Look for those every Friday (starting tomorrow!), or better yet “Follow” me so you receive an email and don’t miss any future posts! And if there are any specific photo questions you have, please leave me a comment and who knows, maybe the answer will appear as a featured Photo Fridays post!

Thanks for reading and have a joyous, creative day! Happy crafting!

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