Travels through the Senses

Cafe au lait at Le Cafe Marly in Paris
1/2000 sec at f/4.5 ISO 100

You know those moments when your senses transport you to a different place, a different time? You smell a familiar scent and you’re transported miles and miles away, or taste a treat that takes you back years or decades? I had one of those special flashbacks this morning, with my first sip of coffee. It took me back to my childhood, back to spending time at my grandparents house, back to the sweet coffee my grandfather Papa Elias would have everyday. Cream and sugar. Light brown coffee. White china cup with tiny pink flowers. Teaspoon resting on the saucer. Creamer and sugar bowl just an arms length away.

That first sip made me remember getting little sips of Papa Elias’ coffee every now and then. It made me remember his laugh. It made me remember his loving and kind ways. It made me remember his smile, his hugs, his wit, his sweet demeanor. It’s been over a decade that he’s been gone, but I miss him all the time.

It’s amazing what a taste, a smell, a sound can do to us. I’m sure I’ll be creating a layout about him soon. Here’s a photo of us at my wedding in 2000, the year before he passed. I cherish this photo and look forward to scrapbooking it soon.

Photo by Dawn Mamikunian,

I had a completely different post in mind for the coffee photo above, as that was from my trip to Paris earlier this month. I had planned to talk about the delicious coffees we had every single day! Café au lait, café viennois, chocolat viennois, café crème, And the bread: the croissants, the *chocolate* croissants (pain au chocolat), the raisin brioche (le pains aux raisins), the palmiers, the baguettes. All of it was divine.

But that first taste of coffee this morning transported me, and took my mind and heart in a totally different direction. What sights, sounds, tastes have transported you recently? Are you documenting them? Please share links in the comments – I’d love to see and read where your senses have taken you!

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Live creatively!

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