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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun {Photo Fridays}

2013-01-16_7233_smallMy girls absolutely love all things girly. Princesses. Pink. Make-up. Flowers. Dresses. Headbands. Make-up. Butterflies. Dress-up. Crafting. Really, anything and everything girly. And did I mention make-up?!


They were so excited when earlier this year I had an environmental portraiture assignment and specifically asked them to play with some make-up. I loved getting these shots, just letting them be themselves, watching what they did with the brushes, lipsticks and other goodies!


Their expressions are priceless and I adore the collaboration in this shot:


I used natural light at dusk, just before sunset with the natural light pouring in through a westward facing window. Although they were doing their own thing, the only modification I made to their room was to move the desk (that my big girl calls her make-up table – yeah, I know, I’m so in trouble with that one!) – I moved it away from the wall, as it usually sits just under the window. I moved it a few feet into the room so I could situate myself between the window and the desk. I sat on the floor and scooched down so I was just a tad under their eye level. I knew they’d be looking slightly downward into the mirror, so if I had shot from above (as in standing), I really wouldn’t see their eyes at all.

It’s funny to think of all the times they’ve been in the bathroom with me as I’ve been putting on my make-up. I had no idea they were studying!

Thanks for stopping by and have a joyful, creative, blessing filled day!
Live creatively!

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