Abandoned // Tea for One {Photo Challenge}

Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // abandoned tea pot

Connie Hanks Photography // ClickyChickCreates.com // abandoned tea pot

My girls love playing with all things girly – dolls, Barbie, Monster High ghouls, fairies, Disney princesses, make-up, spa, tea sets, etc. A couple of weeks ago they decided to take their tea set full of water and play with dirt. You guessed it… making mud pies. Yum! Being totally distracted with the mess made, I hadn’t noticed the tea pot was left behind. When I read the prompt “Abandoned” I decided to see what the girls might have left behind in the yard, because honestly, there’s always something left behind, and that’s when I noticed the teapot and the the little guest who decided to visit (on the handle).

As always, the Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Abandoned made me think about the theme. Seeing abandoned toys makes me wonder if the child who once played with it misses it? What about abandoned activities? Those incomplete projects we once started with good intentions but never circled back to? What about abandoned buildings? I’ll admit, I’m too much of a scaredy cat to go in them, although the images captured in some of those spaces are amazing! Have you checked out Leanne Cole Photography or Broken Light Collective? They have very artistic ways of capturing the emotions and depths of abandoned spaces. Not my forte, but I definitely have an appreciation for them!

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  1. Lovely post …. this little teapot has been in use in many girls teaparties. Think the look the same all over the world. Leanne – I’m a big fan of her blog and art.


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