Organizing some favorite crafting supplies

Earlier in the week I was able to spend some time organizing a drawer of embossing powders and I can’t tell you how much I love seeing these!

now I know what the powders will look like!

now I know what the powders will look like!

I absolutely love thumbing through the swatches to find the color that’s going to work with my current project. I used two cute stamps, 2 circle punches (one for the swatch book, the other for the lids of the containers), versamark watermark stamp pad and each color of embossing powder. On the back of each tag, I added the color/name and manufacturer.

This week I created Valentine Tag samples for a class I’ll be teaching later this month. Having these swatches made it fun to find the perfect color and finish for each tag!

I have to be honest… every time I’ve gone into the embossing powder drawer, I’ve had to pull at least 5 (okay, 10) containers in search of the color I’m looking for.

this makes me happy!

this makes me happy!

Now I won’t have that problem anymore! And considering I have taken to embossing on everything – layouts, tags, cards, etc. – I know this will be totally worth the time it took!

Last January Michael’s cleared out their supply of Slice products. I got a steal on the Slice machine and a ton of design cards. Over this past year, I’ve used the machine to cut some great elements to use on all my crafts. Everything from words, to frames, to shapes for an art lesson in my daughter’s kindergarten class. Knowing the company is no longer producing design cards, I’ve been on a quest to find the design cards at deeply discounted prices.

at-a-glance view cards for the slice design cards

at-a-glance view cards for the slice design cards

Now I have a nice stash and created a quick, at-a-glance-ish book of all the designs on each card. Each card comes with a booklet, but I wanted a quick and dirty way to find what I was looking for. I scanned each booklet, then took the components into Photoshop and created a template to create the collage. This might be totally nerdy, but this type of organizing makes my heart sing!

Hope you are making time for your creative joy as well! Creative souls need to be fed, too! Happy crafting!!!



Ever have one of those days that’s creative, inspired, productive and calm? They’re so rare, so beautiful. And lucky for me, I had one of those marvelous days!

I had the house to myself this morning – which really, truly, absolutely NEVER happens! My amazing husband took our kindergartener to school, and took our pre-schooler to the zoo for the day. He did this so I could get some much needed me time. And what did I do with that precious time? I should’ve been running around the house like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, but alas, I dove into my craft space, organizing and listening to a scrapinar, ”Live Your Life On Purpose!”

I’ll be participating in Layout-a-day (LOAD) next month, so I thought it would be perfect to get some items in order. My desk and craft/office space in general are a mess, still not squared away post-Christmas. I can’t imagine starting February’s LOAD in this state. So I took time to catch up with some tasks. Felt great to indulge my crafty and organizational sides, creating a swatch book of all my embossing powders, and made an at-a-glance booklet of my Slice Design Cards. Over the top? Of course! But totally works for me!

I could’ve spent the afternoon cleaning, organizing and crafting, but had to rush off to my kindergartener’s school for Fine Artist Training workshop. I wasn’t thrilled to give up my personal agenda, but did it for the kids’ benefit. But really? I totally benefitted from the lesson. Learned about Vincent Van Gogh – did you know he was only 37 when he died? totally thought he was so much older! and did you know he was an artist for only 10 years? most of his art was created his last year of life? so much to learn! – and created an art piece, a landscape with crayons and watercolors.

Today was one of the calmest days I’ve had in a long time. I wish everyday could be so calm, rejuvenating and nurturing. I’m always so focused on time, as in “hurry up, or we’ll be late to school,” “get dressed now, before we’re late,” “we’ve gotta hurry, mama’s gotta get some studying/work/homework done before dinner”, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… It’s days like today that help me remember to slow down and savor the moments. Here’s to a year filled with flavorful, savored, wonderfully fulfilling moments!