Going, Going, Gone {Photo Fridays}


I knew my settings weren’t right, but I had seconds to get the shot before the car was gone and the opportunity missed. Here’s my original shot:


Yup, just a tad blue! But again, I knew I had a brief window, and I could work with the image in Lightroom to change the coloring. So using the presets that came in Lightroom, along with some favorites from onOne Software and My Four Hens, I took that original blue image and converted it to these black and whites, and sepia toned images:

2013-03-11_2116_bw-look2   2013-03-11_2116_winded

2013-03-11_2116_Paris_Montmartre_retro-warm   2013-03-11_2116_gritty-warm_tint-brown_grit-med_vignette-2lt_vintage-antique-2

Add a little grit, a little vignetting, and all is right with the world. Is it the greatest shot ever? Absolutely not. But no staging, no re-do’s; just a brief slice of time to capture this and play with it in Lightroom. Using the Develop mode sliders and presets gave me some beautiful options for this image. I’m a happy camper and can’t complain!

So the moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to get a bad shot. Don’t miss a moment because your settings aren’t right. We’re lucky enough to have incredible software at our fingertips to help us take a leap with those shots. You won’t be kicking yourself for a bad shot, but you will be kicking yourself for a missed shot!

Thanks for stopping by and have a joyful, creative, blessing filled day!
Live creatively!

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