Fresh! {Weekly Photo Challenge}

Connie Hanks Photography  //  //  cucumber, lemon and chili, Mexican childhood snack

The Daily Post theme for this week’s photo challenge is fresh – and with the beautiful summer we’ve been having, I thought it was a perfect prompt to highlight two fresh photos!

Connie Hanks Photography  //  //  cucumber, avocado, tomato and other fresh produce at farmer's market

I’m a huge fan of Katrina Kennedy, and she recently posted a photo of some huge cucumbers she grew in her garden. The photo made me think of my grandfather {my Vivi} for several reasons: 1. he loved to garden and was so extremely proud of the fruits (and veggies) of his labor; 2. we’d often snack on cucumbers (or jicama) with lemon and chili; and 3. many a time we’d get a cucumber on a stick with said lemon and chili from street vendors in Mexico City… yum!

So, after seeing Katrina’s photo, I had to get to the local farmer’s market and grab a delicious bite of my youth! So glad I did; the cucumber and lemon were fresh and tasty and the trip to the Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market was great with several hidden gems. I’ll be posting more about the market and vendors soon!

What recent photos have you seen that made you fondly remember your youth? I’d love to hear! Thanks for stopping by. Have a joyful, creative, blessing filled day!
Live creatively!

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  1. I have 5 plants bursting with cucumbers in my greenhouse, so thanks for the recommendation…..I often serve them with a little balsamic and a squeeze of lemon, but hadn’t thought of chilli. It sounds great, and might be nice on my fresh tomatoes too. Thanks 🙂


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