Connie Hanks Photography // // bowl of blueberries

Enveloped // Snack Attack {Photo Challenge}

After school, after ballet, after playing in the backyard, my girls are always looking for a snack! Luckily, they love fruit, it is nature’s candy after all! But good heavens those delectable little treats that they devour sure are expensive! But as long as they keep eating them, I’ll keep the fridge stocked!

Connie Hanks Photography // // bowl of blueberries

My sweet photogra-friend Jeannie Thiessen did a phenomenal photo project last year – her Hand Project – capturing all kinds of beautiful and everyday goodness and photographing it in hands, mostly hers! I couldn’t help but feel I was channeling my inner Jeannie when I asked my baby girl to hold her bowl of blueberries so I could get this shot!

Sure, it might look like she’s offering to share her blueberries, but trust me, I was getting the stink eye at even the thought of diving in for a taste! And on a side note, it’s kinda funny to watch my girls as they envelop and protect their bowls of yumminess, reminiscent of Gollum protecting his precious ring 🙂

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PS. Curious about photo editing? I rarely post a photo without giving it a little love in Lightroom. I shared a photo edit in the Capture Your 365 community today. I transformed a lovely night shot I captured of the Eiffel Tower, giving it a little more oomph and color…yes, in a night shot! Check it out HERE!

Connie Hanks Photography // // Eiffel Tower night sky edit - SOOC  This is how it started – go check out where it landed with some Lightroom love!

E Q U I P M E N T   U S E D  (Affiliate Links)
Canon 60D
Canon 50mm f/1.4
Photo edits in Lightroom and Photoshop
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Connie Hanks Photography // // Love letter to my 2-year old baby girl swinging on a puffy cloud, blue skies day.

Swinging // Love Letter {Wordless Wednesday}

Connie Hanks Photography // // Love letter to my 2-year old baby girl swinging on a puffy cloud, blue skies day.


PS. Curious about the text in the clouds? My amazing Aussie friend, Melissa Shanhun at Digital Scrapbooking HQ, has a ton of tips and tutorials, and that’s where I learned how to add text inside a shape in Photoshop CS6 : )

Going, Going, Gone {Photo Fridays}


I knew my settings weren’t right, but I had seconds to get the shot before the car was gone and the opportunity missed. Here’s my original shot:


Yup, just a tad blue! But again, I knew I had a brief window, and I could work with the image in Lightroom to change the coloring. So using the presets that came in Lightroom, along with some favorites from onOne Software and My Four Hens, I took that original blue image and converted it to these black and whites, and sepia toned images:

2013-03-11_2116_bw-look2   2013-03-11_2116_winded

2013-03-11_2116_Paris_Montmartre_retro-warm   2013-03-11_2116_gritty-warm_tint-brown_grit-med_vignette-2lt_vintage-antique-2

Add a little grit, a little vignetting, and all is right with the world. Is it the greatest shot ever? Absolutely not. But no staging, no re-do’s; just a brief slice of time to capture this and play with it in Lightroom. Using the Develop mode sliders and presets gave me some beautiful options for this image. I’m a happy camper and can’t complain!

So the moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to get a bad shot. Don’t miss a moment because your settings aren’t right. We’re lucky enough to have incredible software at our fingertips to help us take a leap with those shots. You won’t be kicking yourself for a bad shot, but you will be kicking yourself for a missed shot!

Thanks for stopping by and have a joyful, creative, blessing filled day!
Live creatively!

My love of Natural Light {Photo Fridays}


Super-Secret Hanks Family Chili – my daughters favorite!
1/40, f/2.8, ISO 250, 28mm, photographed in cool morning light

Unless you’re set up with studio lighting, I find it is so important to use natural light when photographing, especially food! The above photo was taken with indirect, cool morning light. It’s clean, bright light, but not direct, not harsh. In my eyes, it’s yummy light, perfectly complimenting a yummy recipe below!  Continue reading