Planner Love // Summer Planner Stickers!

Have you missed my planner posts?! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen some of my planner sharing, but I can’t even believe how busy life has been! I’ve missed posting on the blog and sharing with the blogging community! How are you all doing?

I’ve been busy with my girls, my photography and making beautiful planner stickers! I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve been creating, in case you haven’t popped over to my Etsy shop lately! I’ve hit some pretty awesome milestones lately, which are super exciting!

  • I was thrilled to have my 1,000th Etsy sale a couple months ago…and now I’m almost at 1,500 sales!
  • I’ve received over 500 reviews – with my average being 5 (out of 5) stars 😀
  • I was a vendor at the Marion Smith Planner Meetup in Anaheim with over 200 planner girls in attendance! They were super sweet and I’m thrilled to see my stickers popping up in lots of beautiful planners all over the world!
  • I’m part of the July Planner Addict Box and designed an exclusive sheet for those fabulous planner girls!

I have quite a few fabulous summer collections in the shop right now, including “Urban Chic” “Summer Chic” and “Beach Life” – can you pick a favorite?

URBAN CHIC collection features bold black & white stripes, colorful flowers with perfect lavender, turquoise and orange tones! And the quotes are all spiritual, perfect for bible journaling and keeping those lovely reminders in our planners! // planner stickers // planner stickers // planner stickers // planner stickers

SUMMER CHIC collection also features bold black & white stripes (I kinda fell in love with the look!), colorful watermelon, flamingos, cocktails, ice cream, flip flops and more in fun bold and bright summer colors! // planner stickers // planner stickers // planner stickers // planner stickers

BEACH LIFE collection features mermaids, flip flops, sea shells and more on perfect summer colors in teal, coral, yellow and green! // planner stickers // planner stickers // planner stickers // planner stickers

I hope you pop on over to the Etsy shop and check out the entire collections – this is just a teeny tiny taste as there are way too many to post here! I’d love to send some happy mail your way soon! And here’s a coupon code if you’d like to save some money, or add more stickers to your cart! Use code BLOGLOVE15 to save 15% off $15+ purchase at – good through the end of the month, June 30, 2016, 11:59pm Eastern Time.

As always, thanks for stopping by my little colorful spot on the web! Have a joyful, creative, blessing filled day! And make sure you’re on the Clicky Chick Creates email list so you don’t miss a thing! Sign up here!

Live (and plan) creatively!

PS. Don’t forget to use code BLOGLOVE15 to save 15% off $15+ purchase at – I’m sure you’ll find some goodness for your 2016 planning! But hurry – coupon code expires soon – happy shopping!

Connie Hanks Photography // // Baileys and coffee with a touch of whipped cream, roaring fire, bokeh

Holiday Cheer

Connie Hanks Photography // // Baileys and coffee with a touch of whipped cream, roaring fire, bokeh, Kim Klassen "be still" texture

My family and I enjoyed some yummy treats while decorating our Christmas tree. Hot cocoa for my girls, Baileys and coffee for hubby and I. Actually, my hubby had Baileys and coffee, minus the coffee, add ice : ) Years ago (about 20!), hubby and I started the tradition of enjoying Baileys with a roaring fire and a Christmas movie – It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, The Nativity, Christmas Vacation, Elf, A Christmas Story, The Grinch… the list goes on and on. We try to do it several times throughout the season; some years it’s more frequent than others, as in we have to buy a second bottle that year! It’s one of those relaxing holiday indulgences we love and I’m so glad we’ve continued it every year. What are some of your relaxing traditions during the craziness of the holidays? I’d love to hear!

Cheers, my friends! Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season! As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a joyful, creative, blessing filled day!

Live creatively!

PS. Craving one now? Just mix one part Baileys to three parts coffee. Top with a bit of whipped cream. Enjoy!

Connie Hanks Photography // // breakfast bar milk mustache straws

Good Morning! {Photo Challenge}

Connie Hanks Photography // // breakfast bar pancakes with strawberries, bananas, raspberries and homemade whipped cream

Connie Hanks Photography // // pancake breakfast bar - strawberries, raspberries, bananas, whipped cream and marshmallows

Connie Hanks Photography // // pancake breakfast bar milk mustache straws

This weekend was my daughter’s 7th birthday slumber party… So we had pancake breakfast bar with strawberries, bananas, raspberries, marshmallows and homemade whipped cream*. Yum! That sure would be a nice wake up every morning. And of course we had to have orange juice and milk mustache straws!

Honestly though, this is more of our typical weekly breakfast… yogurt, toast with peanut butter and/or nutella, fruit and vitamin. And coffee. Can’t start my day without coffee in my Jesus Christ Super Hero mug : )

Connie Hanks Photography // // typical breakfast - toast with peanut butter, nutella, yogurt, fruit, vitamin

Connie Hanks Photography // // breakfast bar milk mustache straws

Thank heavens for Capture Your 365 for encouraging daily photos – love that I have these “typical” morning shots from September!

* The whipped cream is a cinch to make! Using an electric mixer (you know, the stand mixers so many of us received as wedding gifts? perfect for this!) beat the following together until soft peaks form:

  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar

Enjoy on top of fruit, pancakes, pies, desserts; the options are endless… yum!

As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a tasty, joyful, creative, blessing filled day!
Live creatively!

PS. Are you playing along in this week’s challenge? Head on over to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning! to check out the lovely images showing how people around the world greet the morning! Feel free to check out my other Weekly Photo Challenge submissions.

Travels through the Senses


Cafe au lait at Le Cafe Marly in Paris
1/2000 sec at f/4.5 ISO 100

You know those moments when your senses transport you to a different place, a different time? You smell a familiar scent and you’re transported miles and miles away, or taste a treat that takes you back years or decades? I had one of those special flashbacks this morning, with my first sip of coffee. It took me back to my childhood, back to spending time at my grandparents house, back to the sweet coffee my grandfather Papa Elias would have everyday. Cream and sugar. Light brown coffee. White china cup with tiny pink flowers. Teaspoon resting on the saucer. Creamer and sugar bowl just an arms length away.

That first sip made me remember getting little sips of Papa Elias’ coffee every now and then. It made me remember his laugh. It made me remember his loving and kind ways. It made me remember his smile, his hugs, his wit, his sweet demeanor. It’s been over a decade that he’s been gone, but I miss him all the time.

It’s amazing what a taste, a smell, a sound can do to us. I’m sure I’ll be creating a layout about him soon. Here’s a photo of us at my wedding in 2000, the year before he passed. I cherish this photo and look forward to scrapbooking it soon.


Photo by Dawn Mamikunian,

I had a completely different post in mind for the coffee photo above, as that was from my trip to Paris earlier this month. I had planned to talk about the delicious coffees we had every single day! Café au lait, café viennois, chocolat viennois, café crème, And the bread: the croissants, the *chocolate* croissants (pain au chocolat), the raisin brioche (le pains aux raisins), the palmiers, the baguettes. All of it was divine.

But that first taste of coffee this morning transported me, and took my mind and heart in a totally different direction. What sights, sounds, tastes have transported you recently? Are you documenting them? Please share links in the comments – I’d love to see and read where your senses have taken you!

Thanks for stopping by and have a joyful, creative, blessing filled day!
Live creatively!