Connie Hanks Photography // // Birthday candles breakfast with a princess

Threshold // Birthday Wishes {Photo Challenge}

Connie Hanks Photography // // Birthday candles breakfast with a princess

Birthdays are a big deal around here, celebrating from the moment our girls wake up and usually going for days, even into the weekend! One of our family traditions is filling their room with balloons over night so they wake up with squeals of delight over the sea of birthday balloons! I started the tradition with our first born (now a whopping 7 yrs old) — one of my favorite childhood memories was when I was about ten, my mom put a ton of pink balloons in my room on Valentine’s. I remember feeling so special and loved.

Connie Hanks Photography // // Silly birthday balloon princessConnie Hanks Photography // // Birthday balloon princess

The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Threshold got me thinking how every birthday or milestone brings new changes, challenges, and developments. My four-year old is turning five next month, so what better time to showcase some of my favorite photos from her birthday morning last year! The anticipation of blowing out the candles and getting to the sweet treat. The excitement of opening presents. The thrill of waking up to a room filled with balloons. It’s all priceless!

Connie Hanks Photography // // Happy birthday princess opening presents

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Connie Hanks Photography // // dancing, jumping, twirling ballerina

JUMP! {I Heart Faces Photo Challenge}


My baby girl was having a fantastic time earlier this week at the free concert in the Organ Pavillion at Balboa Park. Her dancing and jumping brought so much joy not only to my husband and I, but several strangers approached us to share their heartfelt thanks for the smiles and joy our baby gave them as well. One even asked if my baby girl was a dancer, as she was a ballerina in her day and could see that “something special” in my little dancing ballerina!

I hope her joy and jump puts a smile on your face like it does mine!

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Photo Challenge Submission

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Connie Hanks Photography // // Cinderella princess shoes and tiara

Castle // Princess {Photo Challenge}


Connie Hanks Photography  //  //  Cinderella princess shoes and tiara

Sue over at A Word in Your Ear landed on CASTLE for this week’s challenge. As I started thinking about my travels to Europe and what adventures I might be able to pull photos from… my mind wandered around the room and I realized I live in a castle. Well, not really, but I live with two little princesses who a). have enough stuff to fill a castle, b). really do act like little princesses and c). love all things princess related.

Connie Hanks Photography  //  //  princess Belle in front of a castle door

So, I decided these shots would work for my contribution to the “castle” challenge! My big girl (when she had just turned four) as “Belle” and my little one (when she had just turned two) as Snow White. Seriously, my baby l-o-v-e-s dressing up as Snow White! Remember this post? I have a whole series of Snow White shots I need to do something with, but I’ll save that for another day : )

Connie Hanks Photography  //  //  Princess Snow White and her baby doll / mini me

What do you think of when you hear “Castle”? Join in the challenge and link up in the comments below – I’d love to see! And be sure to check out the other photos – amazing stuff out there! Thanks for stopping by. Have a joyful, creative, blessing filled day!
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Photo Fridays: Snow White

Connie Hanks Photography  //  //  Snow White contemplating a bite of the poison red delicious apple

You know when you read a course description, sign up for the class and head into class for the first day only to find your expectation is TOTALLY different from what the class will actually be? Well, that happened to me with one of my photography courses, Visual Poetry. But, it turned out to be a wonderful class nonetheless.

Each weeks assignments included reading poetry or literature and submitting photographs inspired by our reading. As lovely as the class sounded, and as much poetry as I loved reading and writing many, many moons ago, at that particular stage in life, most of my reading revolved around my daughters books – Disney princesses, Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious and Dr. Seuss.

I was feeling a little defeated that outside of reading the class text and poems, I wasn’t able to indulge in more poetry. But the instructor was open to interpretation and was completely supportive in my picks of children’s lit. And since my girls love playing dress up, they were more than willing to indulge me and my shutterbug ways!

The “Snow White and the poison apple” shot above is by far one of my favorites! I was really trying to get a contemplative look from my Snow White, wanting the apple, but concerned to take a gift from a stranger. Just days before, my baby had turned three, but my girl delivered on the shot! She actually was mad at me when I got this shot as I had told her to stop eating the prop! My little snacker had started eating the apple before I was ready for her to take a bite! So, here are my tips to you when working with (your) kids for fun character shots…

Connie Hanks Photography  //  //  Snow White asleep after biting the poison apple with woodland creatures surrounding her

1. Get your camera ready, set, before go!
Before getting your little one(s) into costume and handing them props, be sure to have your camera ready. Think about your vision, and figure out what settings you need. Do you want a shallow depth of field? Do you want a full body shot? Will there be harsh light? or dark shadows? What’s in your background? Does anything need to be moved? Thinking through these areas helps you to get the shot and helps you and your little one(s) not get frustrated before the shoot is over!

2. Get your props ready!
I kinda goofed when I went to the grocery store to get the red apple for this shot. Yes, I said apple. As in singular. What was I thinking? Definitely get more than one prop, especially in a situations that involves consumption! This way, if your kiddo starts munching on the prop, you have more to work with : )

Connie Hanks Photography  //  //  Ariel relaxing with a sea turtle (taken at Sea World San Diego)

3. What’s your favorite part of the book? 
Engage your little ones in the photo session. While shooting the series of princess shots, I asked my girls what they’re favorite parts of each story were. Some we included and got shots of (Snow White with the animals surrounding her), some we just talked about (Ariel’s secret grotto). Talking about the stories with the girls gave them buy-in and they were able to contribute to the project, which they loved!

I hope these tips help you on your next dress-up or character role-playing with your little ones!

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